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Looking at Real Estate for Profit?

Becoming a real estate investor involves buying properties to make a profit – usually through renting them or selling them. The main advantage to investing in real estate right now is the strong rental market – there are a lot of potential renters willing to help you with making that profit mentioned above. A second advantage is leverage – real estate is one of the few things that can be purchased where you only need a small portion of the purchase price available.

One main disadvantage, however, to real estate investing is that it is not a liquid asset and it is one that requires maintenance. There is also no guarantee that your assets will maintain its value as the market fluctuates.

Most wise investments are a matter of timing. Many buyers are taking advantage of the low mortgage rates we are seeing, tax incentives, and lower home prices in general – now could be an ideal time for someone to make an investment purchase. Whether you are an experienced real estate investor, or just starting out, you need to work with a team of professionals. RE/MAX Center, Tom Cowan is that professional. Tom Cowan has been an investor himself and accumulated 37 properties at one time and was featured in Smart Money Magazine for his Real Estate investments. This is why we feel that Tom can help you analyze market conditions, estimate the market rents, fill the property with a qualified tenant and provide stress free property management services.

Tom's motto has always been "buy low and sell high",
Tom works to achieve that on each deal!

When you decide to sell or move up to the next level. We will do a detailed market analysis of the property to get you the most money possible, and price the property to move quickly.

(Time is Money)
When you are an investor!~

Our goal is to help you maximize your return on investment. So go with a name you can trust, RE/MAX Center, Team Cowan.

If you have a property to sell and want to do a lease Purchase, 1031 Tax deferred Exchange, or owner Financing call us!

If you are thinking about buying a property, don't hesitate to call us so that we can find the right investment for you. Some people use agents to buy the property and then find out only later that the agent was only working for themselves, as once the closing is finished they are done.

By utilizing us to assist you in the purchase of your investment property, you benefit more because we are long term partners. We stay after the purchase and we are very motivated to make sure you get the best deal, with the best terms. We have to live with our results day in and day out since we are the management company and we realize that keeping you as a client will depend on our actions on the buy side, as well as the management side.

If this is you what are you waiting for, call us now! I have provided some links to get you started on your next purchase... check them out.


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