Your Atlanta Rental Property May Have Lost Value

Your Atlanta Rental Property May Have Lost Value

Blog Image A recent article from the Atlanta AJC reports that more than one-fifth of Atlanta home values falling. Here is a portion of the article.
If you see the stories about an improving real estate market, yet the value of your home is down, you are not alone.

As real estate mavens will tell you: it’s all about location, some locations are doing better than others and some parts of metro Atlanta have not seen the brightening of real estate most visible in town and northern suburbs.

So despite continued, if modest, recovery of the overall housing market, more than 22 percent of metro Atlanta homes have lost value during the past year, according to a study.

“Atlanta is actually doing very well,” said Svenja Gudell, chief economist for Zillow, the Seattle-based research firm that carried out the analysis. “But we’re still seeing a number of homes losing value. The reality is there are still areas lagging behind in the recovery.”


Written by Michael E. Kanell.

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