All standard Atlanta Property Management Group leases auto-renew every year for 12 months 30 days prior to lease expiration. If you wish to non-renew your lease, you must send us your "Notice to Vacate" within 30 days of lease expiration.

If you are on a lease that is not a standard Atlanta Property Management Group lease, then you should refer your lease to learn the terms of its renewal and your responsibility to give notice to vacate.

There are several ways to convey your "Notice to Vacate" form to us.

  1. EASIEST: Use this Notice to Vacate link. Click the link, fill out the form, and validate the form in your email in-box. This method WILL NOT WORK unless you go to your email inbox and validate the Notice to Vacate form. You may need to check your "spam" email inbox. You MUST receive written notice from us that we have received this notice if you do not mail the form to us by certified mail. Things get lost in cybersace.
  2. Print Exhibit C of your Lease. sign and mail it to our address by certified mail. You may go to your tenant portal, download your lease there, print Exhibit C (if a standard APMG lease), sign it, scan it, and convey it back to us. If your lease is not a standard APMG lease, please use the form below. The most reliable way to send us notice to vacate is to use certified mail to our mailing address, Atlanta Property Management Group, 88 N. Avondale Road #346, Avondale Estates GA 30002. However, there are other ways to send in notice to vacate that work too, but if you use them you must verify you have received written notice from us that we have received your notice to vacate. Hand delivery to our office at the address above is also acceptable.
  3. You may print, sign, scan and email Exhibit C from your lease to us at "" You MUST receive written confirmation from us that we received the notice to vacate if you send it by email attachment. Things get lost in cyberspace.


Setting up your move-out appointment

Showings to prospective tenants during the notice period

APMG may show the property to prospective tenants after notice has been received. During the notice period APMG may place a yard sign in the lawn and a lock-box on the door. The property may be shown by APMG staff or by licensed Georgia real estate agents. When either a APMG staff member or a real estate agent has a prospective tenant who wants to see the property, we will give you a courtesy call prior to showing the property. If we do not get a reply to our courtesy call message, we will show the property at the time noted in the message we left.

Cleaning guide for tenant move-out

  1. All Rooms
    1. Remove all nails, tacks, anchors, and window coverings from walls. These areas will need to be spackled, sanded, and painted the same color and finish as the wall.
    2. Clean baseboards and corners – remove all dust and cobwebs.
    3. Clean floors and vacuum carpet.
    4. Wash off shelves in closets and remove all hangers and shelf linings.
    5. Clean light fixture coverings, around light switches, and door frames.
    6. Clean out fireplace (if applicable).
  2. Kitchen
    1. Clean oven, oven walls, grills, broiler pan, proofing drawer, and storage
    2. Clean vent and filter
    3. Wipe kitchen cabinets (inside, outside, and on top). Remove all liners. Handle drawers in the same manner.
    4. Clean refrigerator including crisper, walls, and doors. Defrost freezer and remove all water. Clean behind, on top, and underneath – where possible.
    5. Clean sink and counter top.
    6. Clean floor.
    7. Clean light fixture coverings, around light switches, and door frames.
    8. Remove all cleaning solution residue.
  3. Bathroom(s)
    1. Clean all light fixture coverings, around light switches, and door frames.
    2. Clean medicine cabinet and mirrors (free from streaks).
    3. Sweep, mop, and clean all vinyl and tile flooring.
    4. Thoroughly clean toilet, sinks, cabinet, and tub/shower.
    5. Clean all wall/floor/tub/shower tile, grout, and caulk within appropriate cleaning solution.
    6. All soap dishes, handles, rack, faucets, and wall should be free of dirt and water stains.
    7. Remove all cleaning solution residue.
  4. Exterior, basements, out-buildings, and yard (if you are responsible for yard maintenance in your lease)
    1. Cut, rake, and remove trash and leaves from yard
    2. Sweep off all porches and decks
    3. Sweep out basement, carport, garage, and any out-buildings, leaving only those items which came with the property.
    4. Remove all trash, garbage, and debris from the property. Any items left for trash pick-up at the time of the move-out inspection will be hauled off at your expense.
    5. Return keys, access cards, remotes to APMG. You may either hand these to a APMG representative or deliver them to our office at 88 N. Avondale Road #346, Avondale Estates GA 30002. Do not leave keys, access cards, and remotes inside the property without receive written authorization from property manager