Why You Should Refer Your Atlanta Client To gkhouses


Hi. Spencer Sutton here with gkhouses. And today I want to talk to you about why you would wanna refer your Atlanta client to gkhouses for property management.

So I think there’s three real reasons why you would want to do that, and I’m going to walk through those real briefly.

Reason Number One Is We Have An Extremely High Payout For Realtor Referrals.

We’re going to pay $555 for every single owner client that you refer us.

Actually, if you have an owner that has multiple houses we will pay you per house. If it’s already rented, so if it comes already with a tenant in it, we will pay out immediately.

If they come vacant we wait until we actually lease the home and then we pay out.

But it still is $555 per house that you referred us. So we think that that’s a great deal. That’s point number one.

Point Number Two Is We’re Always Gonna Refer That Client Back To You When It’s Time To Sell

So we don’t sell houses, we’re not in the sales market. We are strictly property managers.

We want to focus on that, we wanna be the best at what we do there.

And so when you refer us your client, and for whatever reason it’s time for them to sell, maybe the tenant moves out, or maybe they just want to sell a package of houses if it’s an investor, then we’re always going to send them back to you so that you can get that sales commission when it’s time to sell.

And Then Point Number Three Is, Really You Become A Problem Solver For Them

We think that that’s a great position for you to be in.

If for whatever reason they can’t sell their house, if for whatever reason they’re tired of managing rental property on their own, if they’re an investor, then absolutely we can help.

You’re solving their problem by referring them to us.

We’re going to treat them well, and again we’ll bring them back to you when it’s time to sell.

So those are really the three reasons why you would wanna refer your Atlanta client to Evernst for property management in Atlanata.

So give us a call, look us up, you can go to our website, Evernest.com.

We’re in eight different cities right now, so we’re growing.

So we’d love to be able to help you, we’d love to go grab coffee with you, meet you, talk to you about real estate, so we love to do that.

So anyway, look forward to hearing from you, and talk to you soon.

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