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Roommate Change-Add Amendment

My name is Andy Ritan and I am the owner and broker of Atlanta Property Management Group, a residential property management company in Atlanta, Georgia.This video is about a form we use frequently and it saves us a lot of trouble:... read more >>

What a Move-In Move-Out Form Is and Why You Need One

This video blog is an explanation of the move-in / move-out form available for download at our website, Atlanta Property, at the do-it yourself lording page.Move-in/move out forms are vitally important to Georgia la... read more >>

The Georgia State Court Bench Book

I'm Andy Ritan, owner of Atlanta Property Management Group, and this video is about the Georgia State Court Bench Book, available for download at at the DIY landlording link.I found this document ou... read more >>

Atlanta’s Westside Rentals Getting Big Boost

Property Management Blog
Atlanta’s largest greenspace is headed for the Westside of Atlanta. A recent article in Curbed written by Michael Kahn lays out the plan for Westside Park at Bellwood Quarry. If you have property located around the Westsid... read more >>

6 Easy Ways Landlords End Up Losing Good Tenants

Property Management Blog
A recent article from the Apartment Association Owners Website: So you are sitting back, relaxing, because your rentals are all full of high quality tenants who pay their bills on time. Life is good, right? Not so fast. When ... read more >>
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