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Atlanta Eviction Protection Program

We Go Where Other Property Managers Fear to Tread

Atlanta Property Management Group understands that receiving your rental payments each month is a top priority for you. We want to help eliminate unexpected expenses that could affect your cash flow. Atlanta Property Management Group is proud of our great new service we call the “Eviction Protection Program,” developed in response to concerns expressed by our owner/clients over the rising costs of evictions.

While we wish we could shield our owner clients from the risks of owning income property, every landlord faces the possibility of an eviction. Even tenants who are highly qualified at move-in can find themselves unable to pay rent during their lease for many reasons including illness, job loss, divorce, and more. When a tenant fails to pay rent, the sole recourse for the owner is to regain possession of the property through an eviction process. Most evictions are for non-payment of rent, but evictions can also be initiated for other lease violations such as unauthorized occupants, pets, or use of the property.

Atlanta Property Management Group’s Eviction Protection Program protects owners from the cost of most evictions. For owners enrolled in our Eviction Protection Program, Atlanta Property Management Group will bear the cost of the eviction process up to a maximum, or cap, of $1000.00. Our fee for this service is $18.00 per month.

What is included:

  • Attorney Fees
  • Eviction Filing Fees
  • Process Server Fees
  • Court Fees
  • Court Appearance by Manager for Owner
  • Writ of Possession Fee
  • Judgment Fee
  • Placing Tenant and Possessions on the Curb
  • Locksmith fees

What is not included:

  • Lost Rents
  • Damage to the Property
  • Any Appeal or re-filing of the case to Superior Court or any other Court
  • A Jury Trial
  • In the event that the tenant wins in court, any court-ordered attorney fees, damages, penalties, or other costs.

Atlanta Property Management Group’s Eviction Protection Program is not available to owners whose tenants were not procured and qualified by Atlanta Property Management Group.

Atlanta Landlord Rescue

Landlord Rescue: We'll Put the Money in Your Pocket

We’ve got you financially covered

When tenants stop paying rent, the enormous impact is immediate. Without your rental income, your business may flounder, causing countless potential problems and headaches. Rather than leaving your monthly payments up to chance, partner with Atlanta Property Management Group and experience the power of our efficient Landlord Rescue program. We will restore the flow of money into your bank account and get your business back on its feet.

Our goal is to establish a positive relationship with the existing tenants wherever possible. In many cases we can negotiate a payment plan with the tenants and avoid immediate eviction and turn-key costs for the owner. Should this effort fail, we will then regain control of the property through an eviction. This process unfolds through a number of different steps:

  • Eviction of the current tenant
  • Cleaning the property and restoring it to “rent ready” condition for the next tenant
  • Marketing the home
  • Installing a new tenant
  • Managing the tenancy

While a mutually-beneficial resolution is always preferable to a costly eviction, at Atlanta Property Management Group, we’ll do whatever it takes to get the money you deserve back in your pocket. It’s merely one of the reasons our clients love partnering with our experienced team.

Church Street Home Repair Maintenance

In-house Maintenance Company: Church Street Home Repair

The ability to handle repairs swiftly, competently, and at a reasonable price is a crucial component of effective property management. When a tenant moves out and turn-key work is necessary to make the property ready for the next tenant, the owner can lose a lot of money if the work is not done right and completed quickly.

Likewise, it is hard to calculate an owner’s financial loss if a high-quality tenant decides to move because of poor maintenance. Our inspection videos keep owners informed about repairs that are needed or that have been completed. When necessary, owners may fund repairs to their property by e-check, MasterCard or Visa from anywhere in the world.

Atlanta Property Management Group’s sister company, Church Street Home Repair, a fully licensed and insured Georgia general contracting company, handles all repairs for properties under management by Atlanta Property Management Group.

Tenant Screening Procedure Atlanta Property Management Group

Tenant Screening: Weed Out The Bad Apples

We protect our clients from the high cost of low-quality tenants.

Atlanta Property Management Group will save you money by placing a good qualified tenant into your property through our strenuous screening process. We have less than a 1% eviction rate due to our thorough screening procedures that we have implemented. Because of our screening process we are able to save you thousands of dollars in eviction costs.

Atlanta Property Management Group conducts a 10-step Screening Procedure:

  1. Obtain Government Issued Identification
  2. Social Security Number Verification
  3. Income/Employment Verification
  4. Credit Score
  5. Credit Report
  6. Review of Landlord Debt/Bankruptcy/Foreclosure/Tax Liens/Collections
  7. National Eviction Search
  8. Prior Landlord Verification
  9. National Criminal Search
  10. National Sex Offender Search

It is critical to make the right decisions when selecting a tenant for your property. Your financial future depends on it!

Benefits of Using Atlanta Property Management Group

Tenant Screening

  • Credit report.
  • Criminal background.
  • Prior evictions.
  • Rental history.
  • Income and employment verification.

Owner Payments and Statements

  • Each owner has a secure folder on our website which includes video inspections of the property and downloadable copies of the management agreement, the lease, paid invoices, and monthly and annual financial reports.
  • Owners are paid by direct deposit.
  • Owner funds are disbursed on the 10th business day of each month.
  • Owners receive a 1099 form at year-end for tax preparation.

Rent Collection and Evictions

  • We insist on timely rent payment from tenants.
  • We act promptly when rent is not paid.
  • When necessary, we handle the entire eviction process.
  • Tenants have three rent payment options: Online payment by electronic check, payment by mail, or payment by hand delivery.

State-of-the-Art Internet Marketing

  • Each property has a page on our website featuring a marketing video, photos, description, and driving directions.
  • Rental properties are marketed on a variety of free and paid websites.
  • Rental applications are taken online.
  • Leases may be executed via email and fax.
  • Using the Internet, we have leased properties sight-unseen to tenants from out of state many times.


  • All maintenance is completed via our sister company, Church Street Home Repair, Inc., a fully licensed and insured Georgia general contractor.
  • We can handle most any repair.
  • We monitor an emergency maintenance hotline 24/7.

We recognize the importance of maximizing income from your property and maintaining the value of your investment. We treat your property as if it were our own.

Discover Why Atlanta Owners & Investors Trust Atlanta Property Management Group

Roger Stix Testimonial

I’ve owned many properties and it’s always difficult handling the maintenance, and I don’t like having to collect rent. I’ve been totally uninvolved with Andy handling it. Andy is the man.

Roger Stix

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Mike Prewett Testimonial

I’ve been a licensed real estate broker in Georgia for 25 years. Atlanta Property Management Group does an excellent job of finding a good tenant and managing that property to an acceptable standard.

Mike Prewett

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